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Land Sea Fire – Aboriginal Day program

Land SeaFire is a completely resourced unit of work for Year 5 – 7 students. The focus is upon the ways in which the islands and waterways of Moreton Bay determined the lifestyle of local Aboriginal people, specifically the people of Stradbroke Island.

 This program is currently being reviewed and updated to align with the new History Curriculum

Environmental Focus: human Impact on the environment
Year: 4

Time: whole day
Maximum Number: 1 class group


The program is an introduction to a unit of work on Aboriginal culture. Activities are based upon enquiry and discovery, storytelling, exploration and action and revolve around a philosophy of children learning about the environment, in the environment, to enable them to take action for the environment.

Pre ExcursionThe ExcursionPost Excursion
Students attempt to uncover the mystery of 6 artifacts from the past. They are immersed in literature, research and creative activities related to Aboriginal culture.
An adventure on Moreton Bay to South Stradbroke Island aboard Educat - an exploration of the island using the artifacts in context will enable students to determine the origins and value of these items and the connectedness of the lives of the Aboriginal people to the world they live in.
Activities are provided which further explore the topic; consolidate knowledge, provided opportunity for active citizenship and the sharing of new understanding.
JWEEC Curriculum Links (Years 4 -7)